Tereza’s Spa


The town of Dubi and spa development

The town of Dubí is situated on the southern slopes of the Ore Mountains, 420 metres above sea level. It is only 5 kilometres away from the larger town of Teplice. In 1966 Dubí was granted spa town status. The treatment was focused on patients who had suffered strokes, patients recovering from spine and brain surgery, polio and other conditions.

Welcome to Tereza’s Spa in Dubi

Tereziny lázně Dubí | Tereza`s Spa in Dubí

A fully accessible facility in the Ore Mountains!

Allow us to welcome you to Tereza’s Spa in Dubi, a famous historical spa in the north of the Czech republic, founded in 1870. The spa has undergone vast changes externally as well as internally, aiming to refresh the spa environment and make our clients feel comfortable here. We are now happy to offer quality treatment, rehabilitation care and spa services provided by trained staff in the beautiful surroundings of the Ore Mountains.

Unique information about Tereza’s Spa
Established in 1870. Excellent accessibility from Prague (90 Km) and Dresden (50 Km) near to Teplice (5 Km). All services are available under one roof. Complex fully equipped for wheelchair users.