Examination and procedures

  • Entry Medical Examination

Reviewing documentation of the medical history, clinical examination by a doctor of the client's indications and diagnoses, therapy plan, setting a comprehensive treatment plan. Admission report for every patient.

  • Control Medical Examination

Studying documentation, determining the current health status of the client, assessment of treatment efficacy, setting further treatment, therapeutic treatment program alteration if necessary. Entering findings into daily report forms

  • Final Medical Examination

Studying documentation, determining the current health status of the client, evaluating the effect of the treatment, recommendations for further treatment at home, recommendation for treatment repetition, final medical report for every patient

  • Medical Examination

Studying documentation, personal history, objective examination of internal, neurological and, orthopaedic disorders, recommendations for further examination, recommendations for therapy

  • Medical consultation

Replying to client´s queries on the procedure or health problems including recommendations for solving or improving the health status of client, determining suitability or exclusion of purchase of medical procedures, giving guidance to the client on treatment and preventive regimens.

Balneo theraphy

  • Carbonic Bath

This bathing method uses water high in carbon dioxide, mineral salts and acids at temperatures between 28 – 34°C. Carbon dioxide is absorbed through the skin; it improves bodily perfusion and has a great effect on the human heart and kidneys.

  • Additives bath with Dead Sea salt

Bathing water with added minerals improves the elasticity of skin, has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects and improves the immune system .It is highly recommended to be taken two or three times a week. The bath is followed by a rest bringing you a pleasant feeling of relaxation. The bath works well with muscle, spine, joint problems, pains and chronic skin diseases. 

  • Bubble Bath with Melissa flower additive
  • Bubble Bath with Rosemary flower additive
  • Bubble Bath with Chamomile flower additive
  • Bubble Bath with Lavender flower additive

This bath helps relieve backaches and painful joints, it smoothes skin and helps relieve eczema. It also has a detoxification effect and is very relaxing.

  • Bubble Bath

The bath offers relaxation as well as cooling effects. It relieves muscles and mental tensions and supports heart function and also improves perfusion. It is recommended for bad backaches and painful spine and joint conditions. It leaves you relaxed and calm. The water temperature is 37°C. 

  • Whirlpool Bath – Hydro massage

This bathing method is supported by thin streams of water gently massaging the body, with water squirting from valves placed on the inside of the bathtub. It is most effective with patients suffering from bone, muscle and neurological problems. It helps blood circulation within arms and legs as well as encouraging the metabolic processes in tissues. The combination of warmth and mechanical excitation is proven to be effective. The water is 35 -37°C and the treatment is not suitable for patients who have suffered leg phlebitis. 

  • Whirlpool Bath - Lower Extremities

This bathing method is supported by thin streams of water gently massaging lower extremities. It helps blood flow to the lower extremities. The water is 35 - 37 °C.

  • Whirlpool Bath - Upper  Extremities

This bathing method is supported by thin streams of water gently massaging the lower extremities. It helps blood circulation to the lower extremities. The water is 35 - 37 °C.


  • Lymph Drainage - Both Lower Extremities
  • Lymph Drainage – Upper or One Lower Extremity
  • Lymph Drainage- Head and Face or Nape and Neck

It is a type of gentle body massage. It helps relieve the organism of toxins and improves the quality of the immune system as well as having positive visible cosmetic effects on cellulites and unhealthy complexions. 

  • Underwater massage

It is water-based treatment consisting of physiotherapeutic massage, given by a specialist, using water currents. The massage relieves muscles, leaves you gently and ever so pleasantly tired. It is recommended for joint and backbone problems.

  • Hot Stones Massage - Whole Body.

Hot Stones Massage – Partial
This relaxing massage is performed with heated lava stones This massage strengthens the immune system as well as cleansing the body, relieves muscle tension and helps with various painful back and nape conditions.

  • Manual Massage Partial
  • Manual Massage Whole Body

This massage covers the whole body and relieves stiff muscles, serves as a natural painkiller and gives a relaxed feeling. It is also very effective as an anti-backache treatment. The massage widens blood vessels and therefore relieves massaged tissue and gives a great feeling of warmth. It has a positive influence on the lymphatic system, blood circulation and muscles. Also, the nervous system may well benefit from a good massage. It helps get rid of chronic pain and one feels relaxed after the session. 

  • Reflexive Sole Massage

This massage originated in Chinese Medicine. It stimulates reflex zones which are believed to correspond to parts of the body and its organs. The massage helps the body to release its own natural healing properties. 

  • Anti-cellulite cupping Massage

This massage is performed on the buttocks and thighs by silicone bulbs. The bulbs create suction on the skin and relax tense muscles. The vacuum effect breaks down the fat cells and adipose tissue disappears.


  • Group Exercises - Swimming Pool

These exercises are focused on movements which cannot easily be   achieved outside of the pool. These exercises are enriched by the use of appropriate equipment. The water environment greatly helps the mobility of the spine and body mobility in general. These exercises help with wellbeing, reduce weight and strengthen the body.

  • Individual Exercises

This is exercising with a physiotherapist, whose aim is to teach the patient to self exercise the problem areas. The intensity of exercising is tailored to the patient´s needs and abilities. Repeated exercising helps the patient to exercise on their own and patients are able to learn the exercise procedures to make the most of their spa stay when they return to their homes. 

  • Soft Techniques

Special soft techniques (manual) relieve problem muscles and also joint blockages, also release tension and help prevent painful conditions. 

  • Mechanotherapy

The treatment consists of applying mechanical forces to the body with the use of specific equipment. Clients are to exercise on medical exercising equipment such as an exercise bike, stepper, exercise trainer, training bench, Orbitrec and Posturomed .

  • Mechanotherapy – Motomed for Upper Ext.

This exercises the upper limbs in a special unit.

  • Mechanotherapy – Motomed for Lower Ext.

This exercises the lower limbs in a special unit.

  • Mechanotherapy – Motor-driven splints for Upper Ext.

Passive exercise for the upper limbs in a special unit.

  • Mechanotherapy – Motor-driven splints for Lower Ext.

Passive exercise for the lower limbs in a special unit.

  • Positioning – Traction

It is a passive procedure which through deliberate and prolonged pulling of soft tissues of the muscular system helps relieve ligaments, muscles, tendons and joint capsules.


  • Group Ergotherapy

Its name is derived from the Greek ergon, meaning work, and therapia, meaning treatment. It is a medical procedure supporting physical as well as mental conditions and also renews functional skills, helps with general self-sufficiency on an everyday basis and develops fine motor skills. 

Physical therapy

  • Bio lamp

Bio lamp is a device successfully used when dealing with psoriasis, scars, acne, skin defects and cold sores. The polarized light helps heal skin wounds and diseases. It is also suitable for treating muscle and bone problems, it encourages healing processes and has anti-inflammatory effect up to a depth of 3 cm. 

  • Chronobiology phototherapy

Chronobiology phototherapy is applied by looking at the illuminated plate from the distance 30cm. Glasses are not used. Special light affects sleep and mood centres in the brain. Procedure is reccomended for treatment  depressions, sleep disorders and for seniors.

  • Interferential currents

Interferential streams are applied via the Interdyn electric device. It is based on middle frequency currents which work at low frequency as they reach the tissue. They have a pain killing property and have myorelaxant  effects, they also help blood circulation in the tissue, reduce spasms and work as myostimulants. They are for use on chronic inflammation, degenerative disorders of the locomotor system, vertebrogenic algic syndrome, non-rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia  and sphincter trouble. It is always on prescription only. 

  • Ultrasound

Ultrasound treatment warms muscle and tissue and is followed by a   micro-massage. High frequency current converts into mechanical energy and heat (1-3 MHz). It successfully treats cases of diseased joints and muscles, myogenosis, peripheral nerve diseases and skin diseases – scars, Dupuytren´s contracture, it accelerates the absorption of older effusion. The procedure helps blood perfusion and improves tissue sustenance, also relieves spasmodic muscles, smoothes scars and has an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect on the locomotor system.

  • Diadynamic currents

Electrotherapy treatment is used to give relief from chronic pain. It helps reduce swelling, encourages blood circulation and muscle relaxation. It is applied to acute and also superficial wounds. This type of treatment is beneficial for the Locomotor system, arthritis, insertion pains, tendonitis and painful joint capsules, rheumatism, post-surgery and post-injury conditions, and neuralgia.

  • TNS currents

An electric current is passed through the skin to the nerve and it heals the affected muscular area.

  • Solux electrotherapy

Uses a local application of infrared light. It is applied from a distance of 50cm, usually in periods of 10 – 15 minutes. The light   warms the tissues and gives a feeling of relaxation and also helps to relieve pain and speeds up healing processes. If applied to an inflammation of the nasal cavities, protective goggles must be worn during the treatment. 

  • Lymphatic machine massage

This procedure helps keep the balance of dynamic circulation between blood and the lymphatic system and bodily tissue. The effects are clearly visible – the complexion changes, subcutaneous tissue and organ condition improves, it provides comprehensive treatment of swelling and offers relief and painkilling effects. The treatment relieves bad headaches and gives relief from tiredness. 

  • Magnetotherapy

Magnetic treatment is a traditional and popular spa procedure. The most effective pulse magnetic field is formed by electrical energy of a low frequency passing through a reel – it is an often described physical phenomenon. Its therapeutic usage is very versatile, magnets help with painful conditions, improves blood circulation and tissue nutrition processes, it accelerates healing processes after fractures, has anti-spasmodic and relaxing effects.

  • Laser

Applies monochromatic polarized light to the affected area and has analgesic and reparative effect.


  • Thermotherapy

Treatment with hot tiles which relieves pain, relaxes muscles and enables vasodilation.

  • Peat wrap (mud) - Small (selection: UE, LE)
  • Peat wrap (mud) - Large (back)

Peat helps to detoxify the skin. It is applied to the skin and thoroughly warms the application area as well as in the whole organism. Small parts in the peat work as a gentle peeling treatment. Peat warmed up is applied locally onto the affected part of the body. The warming process is caused by minerals and organic substances reaching the organism and the treatment is successfully used for a range of conditions which require topical warming, muscle tension relief or pain relief. It is recommended for sub-acute conditions of rheumatic and traumatic origins, arthritis, muscle contracture, painful joints and backaches, obesity, cellulites and it improves local perfusion. 

Other procedures

  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness
  • Oxygen Therapy incl. massage chair

The principle of this treatment is breathing in oxygen through a nasal tube. Oxygen therapy is helpful for supporting the immune system and also encourages well-being and slows ageing processes dramatically, both mental and physical. Tissue oxidation has a long-lasting beneficial effect on heart function, the brain and lungs. The patient is seated in a relaxing chair in a room designed for resting and the atmosphere is enhanced by relaxing music.

  • Drinking Cure (Bilinská Kyselka)

The drinking treatment is an important therapy for kidney disorders and urinary system problems. The treatment is applied according to a doctor´s prescription and means drinking a prescribed amount of mineral water twice a day. The average recommended amount of water is 600 ml per day. The influence the water has on the body is determined by the temperature, chemical composition and prescribed amount. It stimulates kidney function and also helps with bowel movements. Drinking mineral waters before meals improves the efficacy of minerals and their ingestion. It is also important to keep drinking during the day, according to a drinking regimen. The peaceful atmosphere in the spa may promote a habit of drinking regularly, which the patients can continue at home. It stabilizes the inside of the body and also the digestive system while having medicinal effects for locomotor system conditions. It is also effective for stomach trouble and benefits the upper part of colon. 

  • Gas Injections

The injections are a variant of the carbon dioxide treatment and carbonic baths. Carbon dioxide is applied hypodermically in particular areas and causes immediate perfusion there. It widens blood vessels and relieves muscle tension and therefore improves joint flexibility.  

  • Inhalation (Vincentka)

The basis of this procedure is water treatment, where the water contains added mineral salts or medicines. It improves allergic conditions and the state of air passages. 

  • Dry Carbonic Bath - Gaseous Bags.

The gas is taken in through your clothes. It causes vasodilatation and influences the skin receptors directly. It helps perfusion and has an anti-inflammatory effect as well as accelerating healing processes and has a great effect on the function of the kidneys.

  • The Salt Cave

Inhaling air which contains sodium chloride and iodine in a special room.